My Side of the Mountain for Your Middle Schooler

Posted by Administrator on 2/1/2013 to Homeschooling
If you have a child who loves the outdoors or is fascinated with survival skills, or if you want to have a discussion about Natural Science or the works of Thoreau in your homeschool, My Side of the Mountain is just the movie to watch and study with your middle schooler (or keen younger student). Perhaps you have even read the book together and would like to watch the movie as part of your study of the book itself.

In the movie, young Sam Gribley, unhappy with his life in big-town Toronto, Canada, yearns for a wilderness experience like his hero, Henry David Thoreau. Leaving a note for his parents and siblings, Sam shoulders his backpack and boards a bus bound for the small town of Knowlton, Quebec, accompanied only by his pet raccoon, Gus. A nighttime encounter with a bear on his first day in the mountains is just the beginning of a months-long adventure that will teach Sam not only about nature, but about himself.  He even befriends a couple of adults along the way.

I watched My Side of the Mountain and enjoyed it long before my children were born. It was so much fun enjoying it again, right along with them, when they were old enough. Even though my daughter was only seven when we first watched it, she enjoyed it so much we had to watch it over again.

To help you with your studies, you may wish to check out the My Side of the Mountain Zeezok Z-Guide. This guide contains a topic overview, movie synopsis, and ten learning activities based on the film. Learn more about Henry David Thoreau and beautiful peregrine falcons. Plan your own wilderness adventure. Design a suitable shelter for living in nature. Engage the whole family with a discussion section based on the movie and the learning activities. A brief bibliography lists suggested resources for additional reading and study. I hope you enjoy living vicariously through Sam’s experiences as much as we have!