Pinball Lessons

Posted by Wilcox on 10/28/2013 to Homeschooling
Our youngest child, Ben, is a forty-two-inch tall, five-year-old body of compressed nuclear energy and indefatigable humor. Reading lessons with this little lad are non-stop sessions of expressions like, “Be diligent, Benjamin,” and “Look at the book, Ben; what does this sound say?” The idea of teaching this young man to read in one hundred easy lessons is wishful thinking, at best. The child’s mind pinballs from one idea to the next with breakneck speed, and we’re staring at one piece of paper with a few words on it! We were learning the ar sound, today, for example. He liked that sound because it says, “AAAARRR! Like a pirate, Mom!” He even made his hand into a pirate hook to show me how awesome the sound was….
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