About Us

As committed homeschoolers like you, we agonized, scrimped, compared and struggled with finding the best and most affordable homeschooling textbooks and supplementary materials. We found that blending the best traditional and time-tested materials with homeschooling friendly contemporary work a worthy endeavor that could be tricky at times. Having a real friend could really help but where to look? We decided that our experience could benefit others like us as they teach and raise their children up in the way that they should go.

We started providing materials for the homeschooling community in 1993. Our tiny effort was blessed and flourished. The Book Peddler was born. Soon we were travelling around the country, pulling a trailer to home school conventions and other venues with 10,000 pounds of books. Every spring found us in various states setting up, selling, encouraging, and counseling our customers. Our hearts warmed as we helped many, many families achieve their educational goals. The smiles told the same story of thanks. Homeschooling families entrusted the training of their children to the materials and methods we provided with consistently positive results.

The pace quickened as more and more mothers and fathers sought out the books and materials that we offered. What a blessing. Even as the demand grew, we often heard moms looking for additional materials that might enrich their educational program. We also heard the cry for textbooks and curricula that engaged our children with media that they are accustomed to viewing and using from everyday life. Engaging children with film, music, and e-delivery would certainly help homeschooling families keep their children interested, while protecting them from the temptations of the modern world around us. Moreover, blending the best traditional materials, techniques and subject matter would give homeschoolers a unique source for filling out their curriculum with a variety of educational enrichments.

We also realized that hauling tons of books around was taking its toll on our knees and backs, and our children would soon be off to college or other work. These realizations led us to launch Zeezok Publishing in 2003.

Our vision at Zeezok publishing is quite simple: to publish top quality materials that will complement your educational needs. As Zeezok took off, we sold The Book Peddler in 2010 to focus all our energies on Zeezok Publishing.

Since 2003, Zeezok’s selection of titles has been growing carefully and methodically. We began with a unit study on Ancient China followed by a six-year process of reprinting the sixteen classic biographies on the great composers—the Great Musicians Series—by Opal Wheeler. The first of dozens of Z-Guides to the Movies debuted in the spring of 2010, and in 2011 we published our first high school curriculum entitled A Noble Experiment. This unique government course focuses on the foundation of our government, while emphasizing a need to return to the principles upon which our great nation was founded. It has been very well received in the short time it has been available.

Zeezok is continuing to expand its various lines of books and supplementary materials to help you, the homeschooling family, give the best possible education to your children. We have several major projects in the works and are we excited about getting them into your hands. Of course, we can’t do it without you. We are always interested in hearing from you, our customers. Zeezok is your ally and resource for homeschooling and we value your feedback. We want to help you experience the fullness of joy and fulfillment that comes from earnestly serving your Lord and your children as you provide for their proper education. Our hope is that our books and publications will help you enrich, educate, and edify your children.