Teaching with Movies

Posted by Administrator on 4/18/2012 to Homeschooling
Current and classic films provide a dynamic and topical backdrop for enriching the education of your homeschooling children. Each film tells a unique story with a distinct worldview that offers an encapsulated platform for exploring virtually any subject area within your homeschooling curriculum. Today, movies are the storytellers and balladeers of our time. Film forever captures a moment in time—complete with the thoughts, motivations, and beliefs that underpin the story. History unfolds and distant lands become real within the film’s frame. Dry subjects and dusty narrative give way to sights and sounds that engage nearly all of your student’s learning faculties. Adding a thoughtful guide, with lesson plans and activities, can transform the act of watching a movie from mere entertainment into a vehicle for energizing your educational activities.

Why Study the Great Composers?

Posted by Administrator on 4/3/2012 to Homeschooling
Scientific research shows that musical education enhances and develops specific areas of the brain. Understanding sound, spatial relations, mathematics and other advanced concepts is accelerated. Combined with the study of musical history, philosophy, and theory, children so educated will develop strong musical proficiency that will benefit them over their entire lives.
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