The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Z-Guide (Elementary / Junior High)

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Zeezok Publishing's Z-Guide to The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin is a great way to incorporate media into your study of the California Gold Rush.

What is a young man of the late 1840s to do when he learns his family home is threatened by foreclosure and his sister and he are penniless? He goes to California to make his fortune in the gold fields of course! Follow Jack Flagg and his butler Griffin in their many adventures and misadventures along the way. See whether or not the greedy Judge Higgins can outwit our heroes. Cheer for Bullwhip Griffin as he outboxes the Mountain Ox. And rejoice with Jack and Arabella Flagg as providence helps them find fortune (and love for Arabella and Griffin) during the California Gold Rush. Based on Sid Fleischmans novella By the Great Horn Spoon (1963).

This Z-Guide contains a topic overview a movie synopsis and ten learning activities based on this exciting film. Use these activities for a rollicking study of the California Gold Rush. Learn more about different gold-hunting methods. Choose your ideal route from Boston to California. Design a wanted poster for villainous Judge Higgins and contrast his character with Bullwhips heroism and integrity. Create your own scavenger hunt complete with edible gold. Enjoy the slapstick vaudevillian humor in The Filmmakers Art and discover what entrepreneurial ingenuity your family has in the For Family Discussion section.

Contains a printable pdf file of the complete study guide. It does not include the movie. This file is licensed to the original purchaser and is not to be resold. Permission is not granted for classroom district-wide school-wide system-wide or co-op use.

This Z-Guide is based on the movie The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin (1967). You can view a trailer for the movie below.

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