Les Miserables Z-Guide (High School)

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Zeezok Publishing's Z-Guide to Les Miserables is a great way to incorporate media into your study about nineteenth-century France.

Parental Warning: Movie contains adult themes.

This guide contains a topic overview movie synopsis and ten learning activities for an in-depth study of the film. Ponder the development of socialism in the town of Vigau. Analyze Inspector Javerts personal problems and the reasons behind parental decisions. Decide whether or not you would spare Javerts life or draw a Jean Valjean Wanted! poster. Begin a life-long habit of doing random acts of kindness for others. Evaluate your own beliefs with the Worldview Activity probe the directors mind with The Filmmakers Art activity and get the entire family involved with the For Family Discussion section at the end of the guide. Choose those activities which best fit your students course objectives areas of interest or time schedule. Find out what real love and forgiveness is all about with the Les Miserables movie guide!

Movie Summary: Jean Valjean a former convict owns a brick factory and serves as mayor of Vigau. When his former prison guard becomes head of the Vigau police Valjean must flee Javerts warped sense of justice promising the dying Fantine he will rescue her illegitimate daughter Cosette from a terrible foster family situation. Even in crowded Paris the reformed thief cannot hide from Javert forever. When Cosette falls in love with Marius Pontmercy Valjean finds himself caught up in the June Days Revolution of 1832.

Topics: Love Forgiveness Mercy Consequences of a Vengeful Spirit Random Acts of Kindness Parenting

Contains a printable pdf file of the complete study guide. It does not include the movie. This file is licensed to the original purchaser and is not to be resold. Permission is not granted for classroom district-wide school-wide system-wide or co-op use. (Movie sold separately.)

This Z-Guide is based on the movie Les Miserables (1998). You can view a trailer for the movie below.

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