Naming the Lenses: Part 3

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James Sire calls naturalism the second great continent in worldviews (theism being first), and presents naturalism’s core qualities in The Universe Next Door.

Is Music Amoral?

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Naming the Lenses: Part 2

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Again, we acknowledge James Sire’s The Universe Next Door as providing this summary of the second major worldview. Please read his work for your own edification and understanding. [Note: As with all film listings, please determine each movie’s suitability for your own family. Please do not interpret a film’s inclusion in a list of examples as Zeezok Publishing’s promotion of or agreement with that film.]

Finding Suitable Films

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Film Suitability

Of course, when considering adding movies to your educational diet, age suitability of any given film is important to consider. Not every film is appropriate for every age group. Furthermore, each parent might deem certain topics or film styles as inappropriate. When selecting a film, you should carefully consider the film relative to your children age, emotional maturity, and your educational goals. Each family has a different standard as to what they feel is appropriate to view in regards to language, violence and sexual content. It is wise to check out relevant film reviews, clips and more before committing to a particular film. There are many resources on the web that offer insightful reviews for families.

The Questions of Christmas

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Consider all the questions surrounding the holy-day we celebrate on December 25th: The Jews questions how long it would be until their much-anticipated Messiah would come (Dan. 9:25; John 1:41). Since the conclusion of the Old Testament, God had been silent for four centuries. When was the Anointed One coming? Mary questioned how it could be that she would bear a son when she had known no man (Luke 1:30-34); yet, she magnified God for regarding her for such a role (Luke 1:47-55).
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