Naming the Lenses: Part 9

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The final worldview James Sire proposes in The Universe Next Door has only been added in the latest edition of Sire’s work, but it is the worldview that is receiving much more coverage in recent media.

Naming the Lenses: Part 8

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James Sire’s eighth major worldview (in The Universe Next Door) is postmodernism. One positive aspect of postmodernism is that it has caused man to question his view of reality, not just reality itself—that is to challenge his assumptions about reality, God, self, and truth.

Naming the Lenses: Part 7

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The seventh lens of worldviews is the new age lens. This worldview promotes spirituality without religion.

Naming the Lenses: Part 6

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James Sire presents a sixth major worldview in his work The Universe Next Door. Buddhism and Hinduism would be the most recognizable religions fostering this worldview.

Naming the Lenses: Part 5

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So far we have looked at four different worldview lenses, as proposed by James Sire in The Universe Next Door. A fifth worldview lens is existentialism. Existentialism is similar to naturalism in many ways. Both views believe that matter exists eternally, but God does not exist. Death is matter ceasing to exist and personality is extinguished. Human reason is our means of knowing the universe. Ethics relates only to human beings, and history has no overarching purpose. However, there are a few distinctive aspects in existentialism.
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