Learning Through Exposure (Appreciating Classical Music Part 2)

Posted by Elisabeth Tanner on 9/26/2016 to Homeschooling

Some people say that classical music is archaic and has no relevance for the youth of today. Is this true? Are we wasting our time exposing children to this age-old genre? I would like to encourage you to recognize the value of classical music, regardless of the age or interests of the listener. Classical music has the potential to engage both the heart and mind of a child and propel them towards a greater interest in the things around them.  

Learning Through Example and Experience (Appreciating Classical Music Part 1)

Posted by Elisabeth Tanner on 9/19/2016 to Homeschooling

As teachers and parents, we need to be intentional about teaching our students to love and appreciate this unique genre. Let us share some creative and practical ways to introduce your students to classical music.

This week we will talk about introducing our children to classical music through EXAMPLE and EXPERIENCES.

Tending Our Gardens

Posted by Elisabeth Tanner on 8/22/2016 to Homeschooling
his summer we have become gardeners. My children planted vegetables with their grandfather- tomatoes, lettuce and onions- and we are now reaping the benefits of our labor. As we have watered, weeded, worried, and worked for this crop, I have often marveled at the similarities between gardening and teaching. As Papa built the garden box and we placed the seeds and sprouts in the ground, enthusiasm ran high. The kids were so excited...

Lessons Learned

Posted by Elisabeth Tanner on 8/8/2016 to Homeschooling
A few weeks ago, I walked by my first grade daughter’s bedroom door and heard her reading aloud to herself. What caught my attention was that she was reading with great expression. As I stood outside her door, listening with delight, I found myself marveling at how she was reading—full voice inflection, volume changes, even some character voices.

Art, Art, Art...

Posted by Elisabeth Tanner on 8/1/2016 to Homeschooling
Art. Why does the very word conjure up scenes of mess and mayhem in my mind? Why do I feel anxiety in the pit of my stomach every time my children want to paint, glue or (gasp) glitter?!?
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