Summer Fun

Posted by Elisabeth Tanner on 7/25/2016 to Homeschooling

We have had a busy summer full of fun family days and productive home days. As I have watched my children at play these past several weeks, it has occurred to me that so much of what they have learned this past year is making an appearance this summer! Some of it has been an intentional reinforcement—like the French and Indian War reenactment we attended or the cooking classes they are participating in— but some of it is just real world application of the skills and lessons they learned throughout the year. The type of clouds in the summer blue sky, using fractions, catching beetles, WWII chalk art drawings, telling time, sitting on the porch watching a storm clouds blow in, counting money, curling up and reading a good book “just because it’s fun,” locating Venus in the night sky…so many conversations that we had during the school months have become a part of who they are now and what delights their minds. It is good for this mama’s teacher heart to see my children absorbing and applying what they have learned. All of the time, energy and prayers that we pour into our children are worth it! Keep an eye (and an ear) out this summer, not only for teachable moments, but also the reminders and applications of what has already been taught!