Naming the Lenses: Part 9

Posted by Administrator on 3/4/2014 to Critical Thinking

The final worldview James Sire proposes in The Universe Next Door has only been added in the latest edition of Sire’s work, but it is the worldview that is receiving much more coverage in recent media.

Lens #9—Islamic Theism

  • The God of Islam (Allah) is infinite, personal, transcendent, omniscient, sovereign, and good.
  • Allah created the universe from nothing, and the world is a closed system because nothing happens in it without his divine decrees.
  • Human beings are Allah’s highest form of creation. Responsibility to live up to his standards comes along with that high standing in creation.
  • Death transitions man to an eternal state in either paradise or hell.
  • Allah has given us reason and sense to gain knowledge of his revelation.
  • The standard for ethics and morality is the Qur’an, amplified by the Hadith and interpreted by the shari’a (schools of law).
  • Human history is significant because it demonstrates Allah’s sovereignty and affords people opportunities to show their submission to him.

Movies with an Islamic Theist Lens

[Note: As with all film listings, please determine each movie’s suitability for your own family. Please do not interpret a film’s inclusion in a list of examples as Zeezok Publishing’s promotion of or agreement with that film.]

  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  • Malcolm X
  • MOOZ-lum
  • Lion of the Desert
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Slumdog Millionaire

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