Movies for Asian Heritage Month

Posted by Administrator on 4/29/2013 to History
Asian Heritage Month is celebrated in Canada and the US in the month of May. Here is just one movie that may be useful to view with your high schooler to enhance your studies this coming month.

Learn All About the American Revolution

Posted by Administrator on 4/18/2013 to History

This week is the perfect week to study the American Revolution with your children. On this day, April 18th, in 1775, the Revolutionary War began.

There are many great movies you can watch and study with your children to enhance your studies of the American Revolution.  Here are just a few.

Apollo 13 Anniversary – April 11th

Posted by Administrator on 4/11/2013 to History
The Apollo 13 mission to the moon launched on this date, April 11th, in 1970. Here is a great article and video to watch with your children on the anniversary of this momentous day – What if NASA had Failed?

My Side of the Mountain for Your Middle Schooler

Posted by Administrator on 2/1/2013 to Homeschooling
If you have a child who loves the outdoors or is fascinated with survival skills, or if you want to have a discussion about Natural Science or the works of Thoreau in your homeschool, My Side of the Mountain is just the movie to watch and study with your middle schooler (or keen younger student). Perhaps you have even read the book together and would like to watch the movie as part of your study of the book itself.

Family Favorites for Different Genres of Movies – Part 2

Posted by Administrator on 6/14/2012 to Homeschooling

Picking up where we left off…

Here is a look at the drama genre.

Drama – Aristotle said that drama is “imitated human action.” It has been clarified that drama needs three elements: (1) a story that is (2) told in action (3) by actors who impersonate and give dialogue to the characters of the story. Usually drama involves conflict of a serious tone or subject. While drama does not have to contain tragedy (drama in which human suffering or the downfall of a great man typically has a disastrous conclusion), it may and it intends to portray life’s emotion and action in a way that brings interest to and intense feeling about the story.
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