High School Civics and Government Credit

Posted by Wilcox on 3/15/2013 to History

Spring is in the air and homeschool conventions and curriculum fairs are cropping up. This means that homeschoolers everywhere are considering what curricula to purchase for the 2013-2014 year! Are you looking for a curriculum to use for your high schooler's US Civics and Government Credit? Look no further than our one-semester course, A Noble Experiment.

Built around primary source documents and the classic film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, A Noble Experiment’s conservative approach to the study of government combines video instruction with a consumable student workbook and a CD of teacher materials used in a one-semester course. The student workbook contains a course outline, a course syllabus listing the daily assignments and materials needed for each day’s lesson, the primary source readings, various student activities based on the readings and the DVD lessons, and periodic assessments (quizzes, tests, and a two-part final exam). You can download a sample of the Student Workbook here.  The teacher CD includes the course outline and course syllabus, a grade book to record student scores, answer keys for all graded assignments, and a transcript of each video lesson with highlighted key concepts. The transcript enables the teacher to quickly look up pertinent information without the need to watch the video lessons. Students may also use the transcript to review for assessments.

Designed to be student-directed with a minimum of teacher preparation and involvement, this course can be used by an individual student or in a home school co-op setting. The forty-eight lessons can be modified to accommodate a co-op schedule or unique individual circumstances. On non-class days, students read the primary source documents, complete “homework” assignments, or study for assessments. A Noble Experiment covers all the national standards for high school civics and government, as well as the subject matter traditionally included in secondary government courses. With its unique and interesting approach to the subject matter, we trust students will enjoy studying the foundations, principles, and organization of our government. Students will explore the political heritage which impacted our nation, study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and discuss contemporary issues affecting our nation such as immigration and globalization.  To see what the DVD's are like, you can view this clip from Lesson 7 - American Political Heritage Part 2.

The full set includes the Student Activity Book, Course DVD's, and Teacher Resource CD for just $89.99. You may also purchase the Student Activity Book separately, for $19.99 and the Course DVD's and Teacher Resource CD set for $79.99.