As Different as the Snowflakes

Posted by Elisabeth Tanner on 1/9/2017 to News

It is snowing today–a lazy, slow snowfall, with tiny little snowflakes. The last time it snowed the flakes came down as huge, wet globs, quickly coating everything in sight. Not only are there many different kinds of snowfalls, but each individual snowflake is different. This scientific fact has never ceased to amaze me! How creative God is to design millions and millions of different flakes.

Yet, how often do we stop and think about how each person–each child–is different as well? God has designed each of us with unique interests, learning styles, abilities, and purposes. Even within the same family, siblings can be very different from one another. My son is a verbal/kinesthetic learner; whereas my daughter tends to be more visually driven. One is very social; the other craves solitary time.

Many wonderful books and internet articles have been written on the variety of learning styles and how to incorporate those styles into our teaching. It is easy for me to fall into the rut of teaching my children with my own personal learning and communication styles. Although some good can come from this, I must determine how their minds best process information and utilize those methods also.  It is important as we work with our children to remember these unique characteristics exist and find ways to incorporate them into our teaching times.