A Monumentally Good Movie

Posted by Wilcox on 11/25/2013 to Homeschooling

Kirk Cameron’s Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure is our movie pick of the month. It is a documentary production, tracing America’s history from the Pilgrims through the Founding Fathers, and onto aspects of America’s decline in the 21st Century. Cameron interviews experts from Scrooby, Leiden, Plymouth, and Boston. He asks these experts why America succeeded as a nation of liberty and prosperity in its formative years, and what has been lost in recent years that has weakened her foundation so dramatically. Mr. Cameron’s style is relaxed and informal, but his awe as he learns from each historian is genuine and contagious. The experts’ proof of revisionism in modern history texts is also very revealing.

The most fascinating portion of the production is historian Marshall Foster’s explanation of the Matrix of Liberty that is memorialized on the largest granite monument in the United States. It is a monument few of us know exists, yet its truths are literally carved in stone for future generations to see and learn. Foster explains that the matrix starts with faith in God. That faith in God produces an internal character (morality) that is established on God’s moral law. God’s moral law then brings wisdom and justice (including mercy), which ultimately allow liberty to thrive. Each of these elements of this liberty matrix is personified on the granite memorial as a powerful reminder of the only way our nation can return to its successful, godly roots and become a living, vibrant tree of liberty—not a decaying, weakening shrub of squandered freedoms.

Monumental is rated PG (for some mild thematic elements—presumably the persecution and death the early settlers of our nation faced). Overall, it is an encouraging, little-known, inspiring history that reveals the formula that motivated the founders of America to keep striving for a nation of religious, economic, and civil liberty that we are rapidly losing under our growing government’s repressive control.

Cameron’s presentation does not focus on conspiracy theories or revisionism’s wrongs. It presents truth clearly and simply, and then comes back to the action or application phase: this is what we must do to reclaim our nation’s godly heritage for the sake of our children and our children’s children. By the way, it’s perfect for Thanksgiving break viewing because almost half of it relates directly to the Pilgrims and the early founders. It is ninety minutes of monumentally great viewing—period.